The Hungry Guide

the hungry guide is my personal blog and tastelist of towns
and travels in the united states where I or we had been and
where in person the food & drinks was tasted.
Status will be updated occasionally – I will try to state a date in the site.
Status: 04.01.2017

New York 2011 / 2012 / 2013 / 2014


The heaven made of burger, build in a garage – only homer is missing.
An awesome idea, I like the menu – my favorite“ burger67″, a Burger
with blue cheese and crispy bacon. Excellent meat, good grill,
fresh and healthy side dishes. We have enjoyed it in Fort Greene – Brooklyn.
67 Lafayette Ave
(between Elliott Pl & Fulton St)
Brooklyn, NY 11217

New York Burger Company

I think New York is made of Heaven’s -Burger 😀
The very special here is to get different toppings.
my fav is: PestoMayo and the Chillisweet.
Different types of fries and Mango-Salad-Slaw 🙂

You can enjoy the Highline Park and than visit
Chelsea West 470 West 23rd Street / Corner 10th Ave

Ray’s Pizza

First: It’s only the name and the advertisement in Ironman Part I.
Ray, we live near Italy and if you want to make classic italian pizza
and you wanna call it like that, please take a journey to the Toscana.
It wasn’t very tasty. sorry – get in contact with an italian.
831 7th Avenue (54 st)

Not Ray’s Pizzeria

Funny sign, Excellent – Tasty, Crusty and Fresh
690 Fulton St – Neighborhood: Fort Greene
(between Fort Greene Pl & Oxford St)
Brooklyn, NY 11217

Peter Luger

From international point-of-view the steak is high standard,
the price-performance ratio is at luger’s is excellent – You will not
get such a good piece of meat for that price on the eastcoast.
We have ordered a steak for 2 and it was enough with the side orders.
Meat was dry aged and sizzeld with brown butter.
The dinner was fine but the service with a diamond topped rolex on,
how prole, was only interested to sell many items for a fat bill
and in fact a larger tip.
Peter Luger, Inc.
178 Broadway
Brooklyn, N.Y. 11211

Knickerbocker Bar

I think the New York Times should also check out this location.
The steaks had been unbelievable tasty, big and very cheap, my sense,
and location was in South Manhattan.
This is one of my preferences.
48oz Black Angus Dry Aged for 85$ is not so bad 🙂

33 University Place
New York, NY 10003

Luke’s Lobster

If you havn’t ever eaten lobster, try at Luke’s. We have
checked it out at 77st Street and for 40 bucks you
will have a delious meal for 2. It was excellent and
if you don’t like it, you haven’t spend hundreds of dollars,
like in the tourist muck in Manhatten.
We had been at Luke’s 2011 and now Luke is now in every
major city also Las Vegas and so on – Check it out.
426 Amsterdam Ave
(b/w 80th and 81st)

Apple Bee’s

It’s like the upper class McDonalds and quality, grade of blandness
and speed differs between brooklyn and manhatten in a amazing way.
Also the WiFi was better in Brooklyn.
The food tasted very well and fresh but if you are in manhatten, it could
be possible that your ice is molten and your applepie is cold.


We were in Brooklyn and there is „Juniors“ with their „famous“ cheesecake.
I don’t know if the american knows the italian mascarpone, but
this is the only secret. Fat was everytime the best taste vector.
Coffee was very good.

Katz’s Deli

Harry met Sally – – „I will hav’in what she having …“
Perfect, enjoy with your girlfriend or wife  – Best Pastrami in World.

Adresse: 205 E Houston St
New York, NY 10002

Gray’s Papaya

Best hotdog combination in town with the famous papaya drink.
Anthony Bourdain likes it and in DieHard 3 you will also
see it in scene 🙂

2090 Broadway
(Btwn 71st & 72nd St)
New York, NY 10023
Tel: (212) 799-0243


to be continued …