It was november 2015 and amazon started with their cyber week before black friday. Also in Europe. Also in Austria.
A suitable solution to establish a connection from a studio camera to the local workstation with out to spend hundreds of €uro
to the camera company  should be the eyefi Wifi card with a CF-SDHC cardconverter thing. Easy and clean. Should be.

So I’ve taken those two items to cart and after 2 days withj amazon prime the cardboard amazon envelope had been in my mailbox.
The package it self wasn’t frustrating free and you had to cut it with a lightsaber or a gatling or a hunting knife from seal team.

After reading the manual, yes men do this, the question marks above the head myself started to get darker and darker
and than I suggest, you had to do some anger management with yoga or long island icetea or bought.



First.      The Card is empty – you couldn’t do anything to configurate. This was very annoying.
Second. The software for workstation wants to sell you a cloud account. After clicking like in Tetris,
Level 100, you will install it with out that crap. Also this was very annoying.
Third.     The connection will only be established if you have a WiFi Stick on a Workstation,
and here comes the Jackpot of Trash, you must deactivate the other LAN Port because the „genius“ software from eyefi couldn’t detect what the WiFi is, and you are not able to give the software the information manually.
Fourth.    The card will only transmit jpeg. No RAW.
Only the mobi.PRO will do and 3 times higher price.


After a bunch of hours my concerns had been hardened – The WiFi will be only a P2P Connectivity,
and the card will build the WiFi-Cloud. I hope you have enough batteries for your cam, because
the energy will be washed out.

You could only use this for P2P Connectivity. To see on phone, ipad, laptop. For Travel only.
For professional work in studio it is complete useless, first for the P2P-only and second missing RAW transmission.

Remark 10/01/2015:
Only with the EyefiProMobi it should be possible to establish the connection with a WiFi Accesspoint and not with
the eyefiMobi – The funny fact is, after a reboot of the workstation and 3 days later a Message Box popped up and
informed me, if I want to establish via LAN, I had to use the mobi.Pro one. Thanks eyefi …