about i-i – imageinvader

hello, my name ist christian peter, located in austria
and my passion is to capture memories to witness of
a time period.
my scope is travel, event and  studio photography.

Christian Peter

Christian Peter

In 2006 I started with my first cam, a DSLR (digital single lens reflex) cam and figured out – also Automatic Mode will be learned, if you do not know
where or how your focus on 🙂 From that on learning was the mainpart in photography, no technical things in first row.
with low light and speed I had to realise that other lenses and other equipment will shift physics a little bit to get better pics in a technical manner.
So technic and learning had to be on the same page. Time goes by and the digital transformation began to roll and the consume of pictures became inflationary.
So for me there had been 3 points:
Learning, Technic and digital broadcast.

And from this point I don’t only take pictures,
I also write a blog unregular interval.

So please take a journey to my training curve
Welcome on my site!